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Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Beakal Woldeselassie  or “BK’’ to many people, has strived to become the best within his community and family while seeking personal and professional success for himself. Woldeselassie's passion for photography began at a very early age. In high school, he began to practice infusing his talent with hard work and dedication. He started photography by self-taught business ventures within photography field. Woldeselassie mastered film photography, which led to his first job in creating posters, advertisement prints and mastering the art of photography.


In the past year, Woldeselassie has expanded his photography business and team to keep up with client demands and now offers personalized photography packages. So whether you’re shooting with Beakal Woldeselassie himself, or one of his extremely well trained associates, you’re guaranteed to get a fabulous headshot you can be proud to represent yourself with. 

He also has an extensive commercial photography business and clientele. He splits his time between his two passions; business relations and photography. 


"Through the art of storytelling in life’s frame; a beautiful picture of a dream brings forth the reality within photography for the entire world to see" -BK